The World Has Shrank is a play set in the apartment where the artist lived. Non-professional actors become characters trapped in a shrinking apartment. The enacted text borrows linguistic and narrative tropes of tragic drama, clichés and platitudes used in an absurd manner. The scene evokes with minimal means an apocalyptic and unsolvable situation in which the characters seem to be stuck together.

Set in a social house in Rotterdam, a city undergoing a strong process of gentrification, in a time where precarity seems to be the new norm, the video echoes a multifaceted feeling of anxiety. However, this feeling can be nuanced by the collaborative aspect of the work made visible by the intimacy of the setting and the playful participation of the artist’s friends.   

The World Has Shrank

HD video, 14'42", 2018

with Sophie Varin, Collette Rayner, George Nesbitt and Anna Luzcak

assisted by Sophie Bates and Tracy Hanna