Erika Roux
Aujourd’hui, on est là

In 2017 video artist Erika Roux encountered the then nascent La Révolution est en marche (LREEM), a grassroots organization working toward social justice in Aulnay sous Bois, the Parisian banlieue where she grew up.
What began as a request to observe and film them during private gatherings and public actions grew into an intimate bond. The past year she has accompanied the collective to rallies, protests, meetings, and assemblies as they sought to expand what was initiated as a Facebook page into a widespread social movement. LREEM’s members frequently use cellphone cameras to broadcast political objectives, record tense and impassioned street actions, or document the living conditions they seek to change. Roux’s own filmmaking captures many of these self-presentations, as well as generally off-camera, quieter moments of reflection among members in each other’s homes. Her latest video work 'Aujourd'hui, on est là' captures LREEM’s attempts to create a new political imaginary by bringing together underprivileged and under-represented communities nationwide. It documents various collective struggles, including the endeavor to gather signatures from 500 mayors across the country in order to make cofounder Hadama Traoré an eligible candidate in the 2022 presidential elections.

HD video, 31'38", 2021
Three-channel video installation, 2021

Hadama Traoré, Foucene Traoré, Cosimo Lisi, Nissa Abagli, David Fernandez
Omar N’Daye, Blaise Balmy, Sabrina Boussekine, Catherine Khiar, Brice Pengue, Bélaïd Adour, Alexandra Antonio, Alia Abou, Liam Abou, Noah Abou, Eden Antonio, Mathieu Espagnet, Cheickh Nguette, Sabah Duval, Adja Traoré

Supported by Stichting Niemeijer Fonds and Jan van Eyck academie

Sound mixing: Luisa Puterman

English translation and subtitling Erika Roux & Sophie Bates