Erika Roux is a visual artist based in Rotterdam working mostly with video.
With a rather intuitive and intimate approach to the medium, she uses the camera as a tool to create a specific bond with individuals, a group of people or a community. She plays with the constructiveness of audiovisual language, borrowing its formulas and structures, while also strongly involving elements of intimacy and personal narratives. She collaborates often with non-professional actors, incorporates elements of improvisation, and observational way of filming. Her work then navigates between the critical potential of fiction and re-enactment and the complications present in documentary material. In both cases, the idea that the camera is a tool registering a performing subject is put forward while domestic and private environments become a place of investigations as a politically and socially charged context. In her recent works, she is interested in looking at situations and spaces in which people redefine the terms and conditions for production, collaboration, or political struggle looking at social spaces and modes of being which - by their own existence and actions - question current hegemonic forms of performing and power structures.

Erika Roux was a resident at the Jan van Eyck academie in 2021/22. She graduated with a Master in Fine Art from the Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam and holds a Bachelor in Fine Art from the Gerrit Rietveld academie in Amsterdam.
Besides her individual artistic practice she currently co-runs WET, a video art collective based in Rotterdam.